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burberry on sale Prada Craquele Tote - PurseBlog_2137

We;ve had some harsh words to say over the past month or so about Prada‘s fall handbag collection.  Some of them are covered in fur, some of them are unfortunate combinations of velvet and nylon, and a lot of them look a little “grandma.”  As a result, I;m not sure if I;m being more charitable to the Prada Craquele Tote than I would be otherwise.  It;s easy to argue that it;s a pretty decent bag when compared to the line;s other fall offerings, though.To me,[url=http://www.terryodonnell.org/usa.html]burberry on sale[/url], Prada bags always seem to be at one end of the spectrum – either they bore me to tears are they;re so far off in WTFland that I can;t conceive of how I would incorporate them in to my everyday life.  This bag is somewhere in the middle, though, and I think that;s why I kind of like it.  It;s not completely plain, but it;s also not completely over-the-top.The gold studs on the contrast leather that runs along the seams and handles are a well-edited response to the studded trend,[url=http://www.ultimaterimouski.com/cheap.html]cheap louis vuitton handbags[/url], and the textured leather is interesting without looking too processed.  It;s not knocking my socks off,[url=http://www.ultimaterimouski.com/new.html]nike jerseys[/url], but it;s easily my favorite bag of theirs that I;ve seen in a few months.  Buy through Saks for $2595.
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