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Louboutin Sale Bag Battles- Hermes Kelly Ghillies vs. Hermes Club Birkin - Purse

You know what;s even better than a classic? A really good twist on what everyone expects. Hermes isn;t a brand that messes with tradition too eagerly, but when it does decide to switch things up, the end results are usually spectacular. (Not to mention well-implemented. The Hermes Atelier Sacs is a thing of beauty.) Lucky for Hermes lovers, the brand;s Fall 2012 collection contains two updated classics: The Hermes Kelly Ghillies, which features spectator trim for a menswear touch,
[url=http://www.fingerlakestrivia.com/clsale.html]Louboutin Sale[/url], and the Hermes Club Birkin, with a leather-trimmed web inset that calls to mind the season;s sporty trends. Which do you prefer? Take a closer look at the bags after the jump and then vote in our poll!Loading ...Neither of these trim varieties are new for fall, but the colors and materials are, so they;re worth a look:Hermes Kelly GhilliesBecause the Hermes Kelly is already an incredibly well-tailored and sharp bag, the addition of just a bit of spectator trim (or broguing, depending on the term you prefer) makes visual sense. It;s an element we;re used to seeing on men;s dress shoes, so the ghillies trim automatically lends the bag a businesslike air. Not that you needed any reminder that a woman carrying a Kelly most definitely means business, of course.Hermes Club BirkinAt the 35cm size, the Hermes Birkin is a little bit more casual than the Kelly – roomier, slouchier,
[url=http://www.fingerlakestrivia.com/clsale.html]Christian Louboutin Sale[/url], all-in-all less formal. The wide swath of red webbing, trimmed in tan berenia leather,
[url=http://www.dawnrichardblog.com/cheap.html]Cheap Jerseys China[/url], gives the Club Birkin an even more “weekend” feel – if you were going to take a Birkin out for a day of sailing, this is the one you;d want to take. (Note: I don;t actually advocate taking a handbag that costs over $10,000 near sand, water or any other part of nature.)Images via Style.com
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