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michael kors Purses on sale Get a jump start on spring with a bright Bottega Ven

It is barely fall in my neck of the woods. In fact,[url=http://www.sbggames.com/purses.html]michael kors Purses on sale[/url], the high temperature yesterday was 85 and I wore flip flops to the mall. We;ve yet to experience our first cold snap in Atlanta,[url=http://www.ultimaterimouski.com/new.html]nike jerseys[/url], despite the fact that mid-October is approaching quickly, and already fashion wants me to start thinking about spring. I;m just not ready yet, but the beautiful color of the Bottega Veneta Large Lambskin Hobo provides plenty of distraction from my reticence.As always with these types of bags, the key word in the name of the design is “lambskin.” Bottega;s is particularly wonderful, and in person, this bag is surely light as a feather. A very expensive,[url=http://www.bastia1905.com/Discount.html]discount christian louboutin shoes[/url], soft feather, but a feather nonetheless.I tend to gravitate toward black and grey even in warm weather, so the bright bags in my closet serve an essential role in making sure that I don;t look like I;m constantly headed to a funeral. This bag in particular checks a lot of the boxes on my personal list: it;s oversized, comfortably shoulder-carried, and light enough that I can load it full and not make my shoulder ache. I keep telling myself that if I preorder it now, it;ll show up like a wonderful surprise in February, exactly when I;ll be impatiently anticipating the return of warm weather. For the moment, though, I still want to concentrate on fall. Buy through Saks for $2350.
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