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new nike nfl jerseys Ivanka Trump Style- Chanel Luxury Ligne Bowler - PurseBlog_

We should all be able to agree on three facts about THE Donald Trump. 1) He is a brilliant business man. 2) His hair is horrible. Let;s just get that out in the open. 3) His daughter is beautiful and stylish,[url=http://www.ultimaterimouski.com/new.html]new nike nfl jerseys[/url], Ivanka that is. I am fairly confident that we can all agree on the three facts above. Over the weekend,[url=http://www.ultimaterimouski.com/new.html]nike nfl jerseys[/url], Ivanka and her friend were dressed to impress while shopping in NYC. Granted, Ivanka could use a tad extra fabric in the bust area, but her outfit overall was stylishly chic and meticulously put together. Paired with her cream colored wrap around dress, Ivanka toted a red Chanel Luxury Ligne Bowler. Chanel accessories are fashion staples in their own right, designed to be simple and timeless. The Chanel Luxury Ligne Bowler adds sass to an outfit without looking seasonal-trendy, which of course is what any Chanel-clad lady is attempting to steer away from. While Donald may not know when to close his mouth or how to style his hair, he did a great job on his daughter. Edit: I inadvertently called an apple an orange! The bag Ivanka is carrying is the Chanel Luxury Ligne Bowler,[url=http://www.terryodonnell.org/usa.html]burberry sale[/url].More pictures after the jump!An aside to the door man: Please be aware that your creepy stare has now been seen by the celebrity hungry world, which is a ginormous percentage of the population. Stop it!Images via GR
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