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beats by dre solo the inflation pressure is still large

one important current events ,[url=http://drdrebeatsheadphones2013.webs.com]beats by dre solo[/url]
● Banking Regulatory Commission last week issued a As of the end of 2010, Merchants Bank, Huaxia Bank, Everbright Bank Shenzhen Development Bank A and the leverage ratio were 3.8%, 2.7%, 3.3% and 3.9%, does not meet the In addition to Merchants Bank by restructuring its leverage ratio standard, the other three need to be resolved through the financing, including the Shenzhen Everbright Bank has announced the development and financing of their plans. (A quarter of banking capital adequacy ratio and core capital adequacy ratio decreased by 0.4 year on year and 0.3 percentage points to 11.8% and 9.8% of listed banks, Agricultural Bank of China, Shenzhen Development Bank, China Minsheng and failed to meet the capital adequacy ratio the latest regulatory standards, resulting in,[url=http://beatssoloonsale.webs.com]beats solo[/url], have the re-financing package, which will make market funds face more intense)
● NDRC recently held a Currently the plan has been included in the report to the State Council for approval plans, programs will be introduced in September. (long-term good)
● Ministry of Transport on May 26 released the (With the future of China's stable and rapid economic development, transportation security and a higher requirement,[url=http://beatssoloonsale.webs.com]Cheap BeatCheap Beats by Dres by Dre[/url], according to the period)
● Although enacted two years ago, attention and development. (Development and Reform Commission to develop a view to promote the logistics industry, has now submitted the State Department to wait for approval, advice on taxation,[url=http://drdreheadphonesforhotsale.webs.com]dr dre headphones[/url], market regulation, land and other issues, with recommendations, I hope to further promote the rapid development of logistics enterprises, listed companies related to positive )
● 2011 年 5 26, the People's Bank of China received the first and other companies to apply was not adopted. (The rapid development of China's third-party payment, the first quarter of 2011, our third-party Internet online payment market transactions up 98.7% year on year growth, concerns related stocks)
● Development and Reform Commission in being interviewed and was fine after, Unilever still rises. 24 President Chain Store from Beijing and other places such as Unilever's Sunsilk and Lux ​​brands start prices. (Now, the prices of Unilever not illegal, unless there is evidence that as the EU Reform Commission identified as Unilever and other companies with manipulating the price of Japanese products to its intervention, the inflation pressure is still large)
● 5 月 26 evening announcement, binary initial public offering of new material online pricing issue in the ballot was 65.5208%, refresh the record. (High success rate shows the weakening effect of new shares have been on the market to fight against the new enthusiasm, but also shows that even after the market sentiment fell lax)
● Listed: Lukang Technology (601,599), the sea can be reached (002 583) today traded (for details see the IPO market section).
Second, the market judged
● institutions point of view: the weak performance of the index yesterday Gaokaidizou to broker remains cautious point of view, from the Morning today, most analysts maintain a conservative approach for short-term trend, have pointed out: out of the broader market finished lower on Thursday trend, although the banks, the oil support the market, but weaker stocks weighed on the market is still low since another adjustment, and large volumes, indicating that the market outlook divergence, indicating that the market bottom signal is yet to come. Despite yesterday's interbank market interest rates have come down, but on Wednesday the 50-year bond issue point of view,[url=http://drdrebeatsheadphones2013.webs.com]dr dre beats sale[/url], although up to 4.48% nominal interest rates, subscription ratio is only 1.38 times the issuance of treasury bonds fund the cold case only shows the current face is not optimistic, but also that due to recent sharp rise in food prices, inflation expectations at a high, rate hike in June, the probability of increased short-term tightening of monetary policy is difficult to relax, lack of market confidence is often a technical rebound led to defeat the main reason lies. Stock index futures contract last month, the total open interest hit a record high, our data analysis system showed that the emergence of this data, indicating that market will continue to dip. Recently, the oil announcement that its holdings of major shareholders in the secondary market shares 31,084,703 shares, representing approximately the total issued shares of 0.017%, and said to be in the next 12 months continue to holdings in the secondary market is not the company has more than 2% of the total shares issued. This message indicates that the valuation of blue chips near the critical point has been to secure our data systems, the current price-earnings ratio of 16.92 times the two cities, Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 price-earnings ratio of 13.34 times. Thus, short-term index down space is limited, there is some support around 2710 points, but non-systematic risk of individual stocks will continue to be released, leading to increased market uncertainty.
● our point of view: index yesterday continued weakness in most stocks turned green, taking into account the external disk temporarily stabilized, the pressure diminished the policy side, weak on Friday index difficult to change the operation proposed for the first standby, waiting for the trend clear.

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